Business Productivity in a Clean Work Environment

Choosing to hire a professional cleaning company is an important decision that should be taken seriously. Many business’s choose not have professional cleaners, taking on the cleaning duties internally. A decision to not have a contracted cleaning company is based off a known dollar value that is easily quantifiable often viewed as a cost savings measure to operational budgets. On the flip side of this decision are the not so easily quantified expenses of not having a professional commercial cleaning company.Production is a very important key factor in the success of a business and such needs to be looked at utilizing all metrics that affect production including office cleaning, building maintenance, supply procurement, employee satisfaction, sick days, business sanitization etc. The average full cleaning production rate for an experienced cleaner is 2400 sq feet per hour. This cleaning rate is based on a paid cleaning professional that has a janitor job description not a secretary or office manger who has other business responsibilities. With that said the rate of cleaning drops to about 2000 square foot per hour when delegating cleaning duties to a non-cleaning professional. When factoring in the size of building cleaned, the number of office workers, customer traffic, supply procurement needs (cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies), business industry and a non-professional cleaner is the decision to eliminate cleaning contracts actually helping your business or adversely productive?Another aspect affecting the production of a company is employee absenteeism, employee satisfaction. and company Image.Employee satisfaction – The decision to employ a cleaning company demonstrates the commitment to your employees and increases employee commitment to the company and as result increasing employee production. Employee absenteeism – Well documented, studies show investing in a cleaning program decreases germs, the spreading of germs and thus directly relates to employee absenteeism. According to studies absenteeism cost employers an average of $602.00 per employee annually. Not having a clean sanitized work environment can increase absenteeism costs by up to 20 percent depending on the company industry. Company Image – In today’s world image is every thing and is directly related to the success of a company. A clean image portrays a positive out look to customers and employees. Studies show companies with a good image have are up to 30 percent more profitable than a company in the same field. After taking in all aspects of production is it really cost effective to not have invested in a program for a cleaner more productive work environment.